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Bella Hair and Day Spa makes finding an award winning hair stylist easy and is the first step for the ultimate hair cutting experience.

The right haircut can make you and your hair look absolutely stunning.


At Bella Hair & Day Spa in Armadale WA, our hair stylists are passionate about great looking hair and working with you to create the best hair style for you.


Call us now on 9497 3366 to speak to one of our hair stylists and arrange a FREE hair consultation.

Hair Cutting

Your hair deserves highly skilled hairdressers to cut and style making sure your new haircut suits the shape of your face as well as your look.


Bella Hair and Day Spa’s hairdressers are fully trained to the highest standards and have years of experience in styling and cutting hair.

At Bella Hair & Day Spa in Armadale WA, our hair stylists are passionate about great looking hair and working with you to create the best hairstyle to compliment the new you.

Call us now on 08 9497 3366 to speak to one of our hair stylists and arrange a FREE hair consultation.

Hair Treatments

Are you suffering from damaged, dry, unmanageable hair? Maybe it’s just that you haven’t found the right hair treatment products or the right team to manage your hair’s needs.


You could benefit from our intensive hair treatments. Rid yourself of bad hair days and enjoy shiny, healthy hair.


Our intensive hair rituals can:

  • Seal hair colour

  • Smooth frizz

  • Repair damage

  • Prevent split ends

  • Moisturize dry hair

  • Strengthen fragile hair

  • Prevent flat iron damage

  • Prevent chlorine, wind & sun damage

  • Add shine, softness and a silky finish

  • Protect hair from blow-drying

  • Improve detangling & manageability

  • Keep hair youthful


We use Kerastase Hair Rituals, which will leave your hair super silky, soft and shiny. You’ll continue to benefit from the results for some time after.


To determine the best treatment product for you, we will begin with an evaluation of your hair.


The Kerastase rituals provide intensive conditioning and strengthen your hair, also a very relaxing process with a beautiful head massage involved. These rituals are 10 times stronger than standard treatments, so they work very quickly and thoroughly .The Kérastase line is all about results and care maintenance for hair.


You can also choose our Deluxe Hair ritual. Not only will your hair look and feel great, but you will experience pure luxury with a 10 minute neck and scalp massage Plus  10 minutes under steam to allow the treatment to penetrate deep into the hair. It’s a great way to chill and relax.

Hair Styling

Our hair stylists and makeup artists are passionate about you looking great for that special day.

Whether it be a wedding, school ball or just a special occasion, our hair and makeup artists are up-to-date with the latest looks and product knowledge.

Makeup & Hair go hand in hand – without one, the other just doesn’t work, whether it’s the princess look, the classic natural look, the glamorous model, or sexy goddess look, we can achieve your look you are after through the correct makeup and hair techniques for your face shape and hair style.

The perfect wedding hairstyle should compliment and add to your look.

Hair Colouring

Is your hair colour perfect for you?

Maybe you’ve been colouring your hair for years, maybe you’ve just begun to wonder about your hair colour options for the first time, or maybe you’re just sick of your hair how it is and desire a complete new colour that makes you look amazing.


Whether it’s a subtle or dramatic change you desire, Bella Hair & Day Spa will guide you through every step of the process, and recommend options that will have you looking your best.


Hair colour creates natural brunettes, sexy blondes, sassy reds and dynamic combinations following the current trends in fashion and beauty. Highlights and lowlights with the right shade, right level, and richness make Bella Hair & Day Spa clients stand out from the crowd.


At Bella Hair & Day Spa we can provide:

  • Semi Permanent Colour

  • Permanent Colour Tints

  • Foil Highlights

  • Balayage (comb on highlights, cocktail fashion colours)

  • Colour Correction


All our hair colouring services start with an initial consultation. Our hair colour stylists will assess your hair condition and suggest ways that will have you looking amazing.

Bella Hair & Day Spa can provide you with Organic Hair Colouring by request.


If you have ever experienced dry, brittle hair and a flaky, itchy scalp from using hair colors or products, you would no doubt appreciate the benefits of organic hair color products.


Schwarzkopf Professional Essensity is a complete range of colour, care and styling products that feature pure certified organic essences and essential oils drawn from innovative extraction methods. Synthetic ingredients have been replaced in the range wherever they are substitutable without compromising performance.

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